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Revs. Chris and Karen Mohr in Estes Park Colorado

If you are looking for a friendly nondenominational minister or wedding ceremony officiant for your wedding, Revs. Chris and Karen Mohr are available to perform weddings for you. We’ve performed thousands of weddings for people of all faiths at dozens of wedding venues. We’ll sit down for a free one-on-one visit, go over our wedding ceremony samples, and use our many years of experience to help create the marriage ceremony of your dreams. You may also want to make changes, additions, or even design your own unique ceremony. We’ll be happy to discuss your plans with you in a warm, caring way prior to your wedding and even show you how to budget a wedding. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.
We’ve done volunteer work at hospitals, hospices, drug crisis centers and prisons. We have performed baptisms and funerals as well as weddings. These experiences have helped make us compassionate, caring, and grateful for the opportunity to share in such a joyous event as your wedding! We have a sense of humor but we promise not to try to be comedians or be irreverent on your wedding day. We have decades of experience and will be happy to share our wedding ceremonies and ideas with you!

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding! You did such a wonderful job, and your words were so touching. We recived many compliments on how great you were after the wedding. Thanks again for being such an important part of our special day!

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