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Personalizing the Introductory Sermon

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

No two couples are alike! Your two personalities, likes and dislikes are one-of-a-kind, and there are many unique wedding ceremony ideas which can make your big day like nothing anyone has ever seen or heard. We’re not talking about gimmicks or jokes, just an authentic, personalized expression of the things the two of you love most. You can add your own poem, prayer, musical piece. You can replace the traditional guestbook with posters, prints, even guitars. You can tell me something about yourselves that I can weave into the ceremony. It can be funny, inspiring, or just unusual in some way.

Some people have gone through a lot together before ever saying their “I Do’s.” They may have helped each other through a death in the family, a bout of cancer, overcoming an addiction, or some other life crisis. Your wedding can be a real inspiration to others, and you can have me share openly just what you mean to each other after being such a huge support to one another.

Other people have special family or cultural traditions. Some people choose to get married on an anniversary of a parent or grandparent.  You may select a unique location that has special meaning for you. I once performed a wedding in the very parking space at Burger King where, exactly one year earlier, the couple had shared their first kiss!

Getting ready for a motocycle wedding at 11,000 feet

Getting ready for a motocycle wedding at 11,000 feet

Friends or family may wish to offer readings, blessings, prayers, etc. You may tie your wedding into a holiday. One groom was brought down the aisle in a casket, which opened up to reveal him dressed as Dracula (it was October 31). I have performed weddings at Coors Field during baseball games, just before the Super Bowl, on ski slopes, in a WWII fighter plane, and countless other locations. Where the wedding takes place can be woven into the words we share with your guests. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. We promise to give our hearts to every couple we work with, to make your wedding ceremony everything you want it to be.

guitar guestbook small

Guitar “Guestbooks”

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Wedding Cake Provided by Coors Field for ceremony during a Rockies game